Katherine Isbister

August 2013

In the final days of the third and final summer of my Humboldt Experienced Researcher fellowship in Berlin. 2013-14 was another busy year for my research group. We finished up Pixel Motion, a public-camera-based collaborative game that is now installed at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. Pixel Motion was supported by Alcatel-Lucent/Bell Labs, and uses their movement flow detection software as a game mechanic to encourage public collaboration and connection. The game was featured at this year's World Science Festival, where I also participated with the Lab's own Holly Robbins in the Cool Jobs Panel. This spring, students in my group (Mike Karlesky and Eddie Melcer) also presented their Open Sesame and Fidget Widget projects as Works in Progress at the CHI conference in Paris. I gave talks in the GDC Educator's Summit and in the Games User Research Summit (the latter is available online here). While here in Berlin, I gave a talk as part of a cool research initiative in Berlin between the Technische Universität Berlin (where I was sitting) and the Berlin University of the Arts, called 'Hybrid Platform.'

I'll be giving a keynote at Project Horseshoe in November, along with helping to organize and host the NYU Game Center Practice conference, and many Game Innovation Lab lectures, game jams, workshops, and other events.