Katherine Isbister
Working with me
I'm always looking for great new Ph.D. and Masters students! You can apply to the UC Santa Cruz Computer Science Department. Before you do, take a look at my research and publications to make sure that what you want to study is a good fit for what I do. You can indicate me as a potential advisor on your application.

Current students
Michael Karlesky
Edward Melcer
Suzanne Da Camara
Pardis Miri

Raquel Robinson

Alumni advisees
My graduate students have gone on to all kinds of interesting careers in tech and games (links below track to Linked In pages so you can see some of their career trajectories).
Michael Astolfi
Chelsea Hash
Phoenix Perry
Rahul Rao
Sharanya Ravichandran
Holly Robbins
Napa Sae-Bae (co-advised)
Noah Schaffer
Ulf Schwekendiek